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Forget the freckle-faced kid who said "Oh, I can make a COOL web page for you." just before he disappeared for three weeks. DIVERSIFY! takes special care to take YOUR pages to a private online viewing station for a thorough testing before releasing them to you in a timely manner.

Come see what else we offer! There are five basic site types which can be modified to completely suit your needs. Consulting to determine these needs is included in the package. Custom programming is always available.

All graphic design/optimization and html, Javascript, PHP, or MySQL programming are billed at the rate of $50 per hour. Buy time below.

Q: What are the various choices I have?

The answers are below:
A1: The Small Business Site
We bill: 20 hours time You get: The Works!

  1. 2 hours consultation on page design
  2. Color-coordinated navigation buttons, graphics, page backgrounds
  3. HTML (web) programming of your web pages including guaranteed links
  4. Text transcription for up to 2 singlespaced typed pages
  5. Scanning of up to 4 pictures of your product/portrait/office
  6. Resize/optimize/retouch these pictures for the web to GIF or JPG format
  7. You and I proof and modify the site together to entirely suit your tastes
  8. FTP uploading of all files and pages to the ISP server (incl. testing)
  9. We develop a unique 404.html error page which personalizes your site and helps your clients find the page even if they misspell it.
  10. Also included is a robots.txt file which tells the Search Engine robots where to look on your site.
  11. Animated (Javascript rollover) Buttons for navigation.
  12. We discuss and install META tags to optimize the pages for Search Engines.
Additional pages are billed on an efficient time-spent basis. (Does not include extra CGI/Java/PHP/SQL programming or GIF animations, ISP fees Internic domain charges, secure server access, etc.)

A2: The Minimalist Business Site
(For the small business with a smaller budget)

We bill: 15 hours time

You get: Benefits #1-#8 above for a single page and picture.

A3: The Business Page Update
(For a complete revamping of your existing page.)

We bill: time spent (Usually 2-10 hours)

You get: A completely redesigned page to your specs, including consultation, html coding, and scanning/optimization of pictures.

A4: The Personal Page
(For a new page on your existing ISP server.)

We bill: 3 hours time

You get: A complete page designed to your specs, including consultation, html coding, and scanning/optimization of a single picture and a single page.
A5: The Commercial Site

Commercial sites, including secure servers for online credit card processing, are designed from the ground up with your interests in mind. Since they are all customized, most with programming and database work, please call for consultation on these. Large sites can run from 50 to upward of 150 hours of billable time. For hosting, local ISPs are charging $60-$200+ per month for secure server access & site space while our hosts are charging $10-$50 for the same services.

We can help you choose / customize!   Call us TODAY!

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