DIVERSIFY logo Composite Artwork

Composited pictures are those with multiple layers. This allows the electronic blending of the layers for outstanding control over the look and "feel". These quick pics were made to show some of Photoshop's power and a small portion of the range of graphic styles DIVERSIFY can offer to you. The Wacom graphics tablet allowed me to draw directly into the computer.

Key of Life

Pink Angel

In the "Pink Angel" picture, I first cut out the text, outlined it, then placed the Boticelli painting behind it, positioning it for best effect.

Who, ME

Here is a silly picture created when I was bored one late afternoon. (blushing)

The River Fairy The River Fairy is a composite created from a picture of an old bridge on the Sacramento River near Lock, upstream from the San Francisco Bay. I added a layer for the "fairy, a ballerina scanned in for a client's business card, then allowed her to become semi- transparent. I saturated background colors to create a more eerie and fairylike look to the area. I hope you like it.
Palomar Tax logo
This was a quick logo/graphic for a client website update.

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