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Please, the following banners are not for free use and display elsewhere. Designs like these will bring instant traffic to your (our) sites when marketed properly. We hope you enjoy the sights (and sites) and can use some of the ideas for your own banners. Should you wish to employ our skills in developing any advertising copy for your own business, DIVERSIFY! offers consulting (for all your Internet marketing needs) as well as our good design sense, to help your company get recognized on the Net. We can provide banner graphics for everyone at our low rates (listed below).

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Jays Records & Tapes

-= All banners © 2003-2006 DIVERSIFY Communications. =-

Bittersweet Bed & breakfast

Silk Exports!

Competitive Edge Promotions

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Insurance Services Extraordinaire!

Oak head Cremations




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Examples of each banner type:  Text banner - Silk garments ; Graphical banner - Hovercraft; Oak, Sleeping ; Animation - Competitive Edge, DTP, Webdentist, Street Scanner. Ciao!   --Larry
Text Banners $30.00

  These will get you going but do not create the traffic the others do. I provide insightful text on a colorful background, with or without a border color.
Graphical Banners $50

  The graphics create a higher draw traffic-wise. We can use your graphics (GIF or JPG, please) or mine. We can get more creative with these.
Animated Banners
Now Just $50

  Animations outdraw any other type of banner by a minimum of 4 times.

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