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   Though I had a strong background in the mechanical aspects of computing after graduating from Coleman College's Computer Electronics Technology course, the major project in DIVERSIFY's first year was the creation of an interactive database and telephone call center for a client. We put together a database of classic automobiles and utilized a 900# dialup and voicemail system to give his callers an interactive classic car appraisal and valuation after answering 28 questions over the phone! Thus, the early switch was made from hardware installations and repairs over to providing more software-based solutions to give my clients the relief they sought. Larry Jaques, President
Larry Jaques, President
   The next year brought additional database development to another client who ran a nationwide telephone answering service. We created an ASCII-based import database to transition order-info data from a Startel network to both a PC-based client and several major Mainframe-based clients.

   The following year, we included hardware & software leasing to our list of services while we set up an established local signmaker with an entirely new set of computing gear, scanner, and high-end software and signmaking cutter.

   After the change from Microsoft DOS to the Windows platform, we added Windows consulting to the plate served to our clients. This has been a blessing as the business grew and a true NEED to multitask many concurrent applications was born. We are using and supporting the Windows95 platform today.

   In late 1995, further changes were made to include typesetting, scanning services, and graphic design to the company's realm of expertise. We have provided a local printer much of his typesetting. A new process allows us to print directly on polyester printing plates from our laser printer! This not only saves both time and money, it provides a finer printed output for our clients.

   In early 1996, after creation and installation of the DIVERSIFY! website, we sought to include Internet web graphics and web page creation to the menu for our clients. We can scan-in your product photos and have them on the web in days, providing a much larger client base for you!

   In late 1996, we changed the name to DIVERSIFY Communications to reflect the changes made in the past year and the different focus that the company has made. Today, we are concentrating on both the telecommunications and graphical aspects of computing on the Windows 95 platform with brand new Pentium II-powered computer and the state-of-the-art computer page layout and photo manipulation software from Adobe and Fractal Design.

   From 1997 on, we have concentrated on website design and in mid-1999, our website is bringing in about 40 percent of our business.

   In this new millenium, we are developing Web databases via the PHP language programming. Using the UNIX-based MySQL database, we have come full circle with our first year of business where the old DOS databases were providing data for our clients. The difference is that our databases are now online!

   The year 2000 brings PayPal buttons to our pages (credit card acceptance) so our clients can utilize almost any form of payment for instant access to our services.

   The year 2002 brings a move to Oregon and all the fun that entails. One never knows just how complex their life is until they spend 26 years in one area and then move to another state. The nice thing about our web design work is that it can be done from anywhere in the world at any time. We are all connected via phone and/or satellite. This move ended up bringing high-speed satellite access to DIVERSIFY! We hope that our new relationship with the Grants Pass and Josephine County is even more productive than the one we had with Vista and San Diego County.

   The Years 2003-2006 brought a higher level of automation and programming to the DIVERSIFY website. We are now doing more PHP programming, adding Javascripts, and adding CSS programming to our offerings for more efficient and interesting sites.

   All these branches of the computer field are thoroughly fascinating and we are really enjoying this work. Please allow us to help create a better, more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable work (and website) setting for yourself and your employees! Goals of obtaining greater productivity and a happier life ARE possible!

   We do NOT outsource offshore so ALL programming is done by Americans the USA. Please join us in our quest to help all of you "Get COMFORtable with your computer!™"

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